Pilot Project – Sport for People and Planet – a new approach on sustainability through sport in Europe

This action will use the power of sport to make European citizens aware of the importance of sustainability and help them to understand how they can contribute to social cohesion and environmental protection. The aims of the proposed project are to raise awareness, inspire behaviour, and lead the thinking in European society on how sport can enable and accelerate social and environmental transformation, as well as to engage EU citizens to actively participate in sustainable measures using the communicative power of sport, its major events and leading ambassadors.


Pilot Project – Sport Supports – emergency sport actions for youth

This action will focus on encouraging community integration of children and youth affected by humanitarian crisis and mass migration processes in the context of war. The world of sport can contribute to assisting people hit by humanitarian crisis in order to facilitate overcoming trauma, adapting to new environments, creating bonds with the temporary hosting communities and fostering their mental and physical well-being. Sport activities, with their power of bringing people together, will help interaction with the host community, facilitate integration into the education system and the labour market.

Associazione di promozione sociale – Ente del terzo settore


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